The Original E-Brake: with a pressure force of
20 to 300 tons 

SafanDarley offers the most complete range of electronic press brakes in the world. As the inventor of the E-Brake, SafanDarley has continuously increased its lead and developed its unique machine concept further into a number of ranges: with a pressure force of 20 to 300 tons and working lengths of 850 to 4100 mm.  

Sheet bending with the SafanDarley E-standards 

The servo-electronic drive based on the pulley principle ensures a very even distribution of forces so that in 95% of all cases no crowning table is needed. Cycle times are shortened by up to 30% compared to traditional hydraulic press brakes.
That’s our E-standard in efficiency! 

The absence of hydraulics makes each SafanDarley E-Brake press brake as environmentally friendly as possible. There is no risk of polluting oil and the lower energy consumption means lower CO2 emissions.
That’s our E-standard in ecology!

Each SafanDarley E-Brake press brake is up to 50% more energy-efficient than a comparable hydraulic press brake. The machine only consumes energy when the upper beam is actually moving.
That’s our E-standard in economy!

The new generation of SafanDarley E-Control touch screen controls is unequalled in terms of ease of operation. Extra optional features include 2D and 3D graphic displays, 2D bending simulation and even 3D graphic programming. Intuitive, simple and super-fast.
That’s our E-standard in ergonomics!

Use the SafanDarley Buyer’s Guide to find your ideal press brake.  

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SafanDarley E-Brake 300T Dual Drive
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SafanDarley E-Brake Ergonomic

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